Travel all around the world with these wood clocks we designed!

Daydream about jet-setting across the globe? Then you’ll love these wood clocks we engraved and laser cut for a recent client.

The Adventure Supply Company are a business dedicated to all things travel and lifestyle so they needed decor to match their global ways. So laser cutting clocks with different destinations was the answer! How awesome of an idea is that? You can keep tabs on the time in London and New York without even leaving the office.

These would also be a great present for a friend or family member. You could customise this with their dream destination – Paris anyone? – or even to feature their family’s home country. With the world up on your clock it makes any distance seem small!

Using wood and bamboo for design projects like this is a simple way to be super effective. With the company logo lightly engraved and the location made darker it’s an easy way to make messages pop! Have a look below at more pics of the design process of creating these wood clocks.

Want to spruce up your office space? Or just make your home a bit more homely? From clocks to decor we can help design your home with completely custom pieces just for you!

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