Looking for a unique present? Engraved gifts like this wood board game below are perfect!

Engraved gifts make any person feel special, right? That’s why we were so excited when our client Emmett came to us with her brilliant idea for a truly personal wedding gift for her friends! We were asked to help to create a wooden board game, with all the engravings and details unique to the bride and groom! How awesome of an idea is that? It is so much more thoughtful than another kitchen appliance that won’t leave the box – and shows your friends just how much you truly care!

Check out the board game in the pictures below.

Want to create a totally unique and creative gift for one of your friends? Whether it’s an upcoming birthday, wedding or graduation, we would love to help make and laser cut the perfect present no matter what the celebration is. We can also can use a variety of materials from wood to acrylic so you have a whole range of options when creating the best gift ever!

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