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We are so in awe of the stunning design and creations produced by Melbourne based design studio Martha Jean.

Here is a preview of some of their unique jewellery designs. Martha Jean uses laser cutting to create incredible  pieces. You could find anything that range from the elegant to elaborately detailed. It’s all beautiful! Have a look below and head to their online store to order your faves!

Each jewellery design is just as beautiful as the last! Those petite drop earrings have to be some of the prettiest pieces of jewellery ever created. Would add a wow factor to any outfit.

Laser cutting is the perfect medium to create fabulous jewellery. It lets you can achieve a polished look for all intricate and precise details. Laser cutting is perfect for when your designs and illustrations have a lot of cutouts and patterns.

Want to create your own laser cut jewellery but looking for more inspiration? Or just want to glance at more designs to take your breath away? Have a look here and here at some of the beautiful work we’ve helped create.

Ready to create your own masterpieces? We offer a range of services with our laser cutting to ensure your design ideas look amazing in real life. We can laser cut onto a range of materials, from woodworks, paper to acrylic.

If interested, don’t hesitate to have a chat with us today. We love working with designers, creatives or just regular people with brilliant ideas! Or feel free to give us a call on 03 9939 4796 or email info@melbournelasercutter.com.au.


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Laser cutting earrings

Laser cutting earrings
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