A More Creative Way to Display your Favourite Shoes

Finding a way to display your favourite shoes in the best way can be a difficult task. Solediers have taken a whole new approach to shoe storage. If you love wearing them, why not show them off as well?

Solediers are a company that works on creating awesome display boxes for your favourite shoes. They allow you the chance to customise boxes so they’re perfect for the shoes you want to display.

Melbourne Laser Cutter recently got to work on a specific project with Solediers. Laser cutting a title into the lid of the acrylic box, MLC also laser cut the bamboo so that it would fit perfectly into the acrylic above. The result was a beaufitul and versatile display box for any pair of shoes.

If you’re interested in having your own display boxes made, you can check out the Solediers website. You can follow them on Instagram as well, @mr_soledier.