Reusable Laser Cut Cake Toppers

Laser cut cake toppers are simple and yet convenient way to decorate cakes. Cake toppers are a great way to add a personal touch to any cake! We created cake topper recently for birthday cakes for Bake Me I’m Yours! The ornamental decoration can usually reflect the theme of the event which is always an easy way to add character to any event or party! There are various types to choose from, the list is endless, starting from the material used to the theme or occasion, they are the finishing touch any cake and will leave your guests delighted with the overall cake theme.

laser cut cake toppers

Few things to keep in mind when choosing cake toppers:

  • The material: the toppers can be made from various materials such as metal or acrylic.  Tip: They can be reusable for other occasions depending on the material
  • The type: cake toppers can either be used for cakes or cupcakes, both vary in style and size . In terms of cakes, they can be flat, 3D or stand up.
  •  The occasion: Whether a birthday, a wedding, an engagement, a christening or anniversary, cake toppers can be the final touch to a theme or festivity!

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