Make your business stationary bolder with custom packaging!

How clever is this? These little package boxes were designed and cut by us for our own Design Your Own Leggings and Pins to Kill orders!  Check out these two services and have at all the cool things we also offer aside from laser cutting.

This was a great project to combine our different businesses together to create something to stand out.  And personalised packaging is a great way to do just that!

For one it definitely showcases your products’ individuality – nobody else has got packaging like you. Laser cutting allows you to get creative. Embrace the values of your business and make all your stationary match! It’s guaranteed to get you noticed and even get your customers excited and impressed by the level of love and care you have for your products. It’s a sure win-win!

Contact us to create your own custom packaging like this or give us a call 03 9939 4796!

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