This stunning laser cut dress is unlike anything else!

Check out this amazing laser cutting work we did for designer Bec Waldmeyer.

Bec had big ideas for her design. This garment was to be featured on Melbourne Spring Fashion Week on the Emerging Designers runway. Nothing too intimidating! You can find out more about Bec’s involvement in this interview.

Luckily Bec had a beautiful and clear vision. The idea was to create a laser cut dress with a twist. Bec wanted a long and elegant organza style with three layers. The layers were to be repeated with a different design three times down the front. Each layer contains a different laser cut design. When all pieced as one garment and layered together they form one overall breathtaking design. It’s genius!

Here are some shots of the stunning final product on the runway!

Looks amazing Bec! We love the level of detail in the front features. Laser cutting organza is a technique not spoken of often in mainstream circles. Achieving and perfecting an organza design takes skill, time and the willingness to be up for a challenge. We think the overall look turned out pretty well!

Fashion runways have recently been featuring more and more laser cut designs. Which makes perfect sense. Laser cutting is an effective technique to achieve intricate details onto a range of materials. Fabrics like chiffon, cotton or even felt can be laser cut with patterns of all shapes and sizes. We predict that the trend can only go up from here! From big designers to smaller DIY designs, expect to see more laser cutting fashion garments. They might not be as extravagant as this laser cut dress but you’ll definitely be seeing more.

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