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Welcome to the Melbourne Laser Cutter blog.

Here we will share various Information and Inspiration about laser cutting for you to view. You can view previous client projects, as well as outstanding projects from around the world. You can also search at the top for various materials or projects to see examples of what you had in mind.

7 August, 2013

Collaboration with Saint Gertrude

We are excited to be co-partnering with Saint Gertrudes to look after their beautiful laser cut tree design. If you […]

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22 July, 2013

Threesome project Melbourne

We recently did some work for a client who was part of the Threesome project around Melbourne. The point of [...]

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17 June, 2013

Australian laser cut jewellery

Through a combination of burning and cutting of wood ,these necklaces designed by Melbourne artist Amy Killen have been created though [...]

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11 June, 2013

Make your own laser cut stencils!

Laser Cut Stencils Do you need to make some laser cut stencils? We have worked on many projects helping small [...]

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7 June, 2013

Wedding Hairstyles!

Looking for wedding hairstyle inspiration? Take a look at this collection of images below! Suitable for most hairstyles and types, [...]

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7 June, 2013

Budget Weddings

Feeling the budget pinch? savings tight? forget financial stress on your wedding day, here are some great tips which will […]

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