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Welcome to the Melbourne Laser Cutter blog.

Here we will share various Information and Inspiration about laser cutting for you to view. You can view previous client projects, as well as outstanding projects from around the world. You can also search at the top for various materials or projects to see examples of what you had in mind.

13 February, 2018

Laser Cut Minecraft – Real Life Sandbox Game for All Ages

Laser Cut Minecraft Laser cut minecraft is another creative art and innovation of using a laser cutter. But first, what [...]

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6 February, 2018

Laser Cut Shelf – Creative, Innovative, and Convenient

Laser Cut Shelf Laser cut shelf are common furniture nowadays. You can design a detachable shelf using plywood and compression [...]

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30 January, 2018

Laser Cut Business Cards – Stylish and Modern Cards

Laser Cut Business Cards Laser cut business cards are a unique and modern way to represent yourself and your business. Today [...]

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23 January, 2018

Laser Cut Furniture – Elegant and Sophisticated Designs

Laser Cut Furniture Laser cut furniture is the new innovation of furniture design. Melbourne Laser Cutter has embraced the machines with [...]

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16 January, 2018

Laser Cut Chandelier – Innovative and Trendy Lighting

Laser Cut Chandelier Chandeliers are traditionally made out of metal and crystals. They are elegant and luxurious home lighting. With [...]

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9 January, 2018

How to Design for a Laser Cutting Project – The Video Tutorial

How to Design for Laser Cutting Project? Interested in a laser cutting project? But you are not sure how to [...]

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