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Laser Engraved wood is commonly used as signs, display stands, decorative materials, basically anything under the sun. Like laser cutouts, they make are artsy must haves in your home, school or work place.

Corky Saint Clair, award winning jeweller, designed in Melbourne and sold in shops around the world, specializes in sterling silver jewellery but have increasingly been making pieces with semi precious and unusual stones. The two projects with us were to display my two new ranges of Jewellery at Finders Keepers Spring/Summer 2016. Corky wanted to make it clear that they had new collections and making signage our of laser cut bamboo was the perfect choice.

“Firstly, the aesthetic of the wood matches my plywood set up and secondly laser cut bamboo is durable enough to use at a design market where the items are touched by 100 000 hands over the course of three days. The quick turn around meant I got my signs a few days before the show which meant I were able to sand off the burn edges around the lettering and layout my displays in a way that was pleasing to me.” – Corky Saint Clair

We are happy to help in any laser cutting needs you have. Just be creative and provide us inputs on whatever job you wish us to laser cut. We surely will finish them on time. Here at Melbourne Laser Cutter, you can never go wrong!


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