How Laser Cutting Works?

Some of you might be curious to see how laser cutting works. We laser cut wood and other basic materials for you to use for your projects. Please see below for sizing, thickness and prices for materials. Please note prices are GST exclusive and you are also welcome to provide your own materials providing they  fit within 600 x 900mm and we are able to cut them.

We wanted to share some really cool videos on how laser cutting works. Watch them below.

Please note we don’t cut leather, rubber, metal, certain fabrics, PVC, vinyl, MDF and laminated cardboard. 

Laser cutting Australia requires Adobe illustrator for all our laser cutting projects. In some instances DXF works but we do recommend Adobe illustrator as a preference. We use CS5. Please read our information pack for more information about setting up files correctly.

Cool isn’t it? You get to have amazing results using laser cutters. As we are predominately online we aren’t able to offer creative consultations but we are happy to provide advice over the phone or on email. This allows us to focus when making your projects and be able to do both small and larger jobs.

Please get in touch for all your online laser cutting needs. The types of jobs that we have helped create consist of signage, business cards, invitations, laser cut fashion, jewellery, gifts and large scale laser cutting for companies.

Please note we try to be sustainable where possible and therefore don’t use large plastic bags for sheets that are 600 x 900mm. If you require your order in a bag, please provide a bag when confirming your order.

We’d love to hear from you. Simply fill out the enquiry form if you have questions in regards to your laser cutting project or for a quote please enquire here.


We will get back to you within 24hours, Monday to Friday.