Pencils down! Design the coolest unique stationery with laser cutting.

It was a pleasure to work with emerging fashion designer, Emilly Osterlund to laser-cut the following folders and folios for a university project. We don’t know what it is about office supplies but stationery envy is definitely real in schools and workplaces! That’s why it was great to work on this project and go and experiment with making custom stationary and unique pieces.

Emilly is a Melbourne based designer, focused on moulding garments to the changing consumer. The following was part of her Majors Project Collection – ULTIME: Connection AW 15. Emilly’s vision was to combine the need for extended size ranges in the high end market with young women’s business wear. Think strong, empowered women and you’ve got the right idea…

Imagine walking into the office with that folio in your hands! So sleek and chic…

Want to make sure your books never mysteriously go missing again? Or do you have your own design project like Emilly that we might be able to get involved in? We can help design your pieces and with laser cutting we can make intricate details and patterns onto all kinds of materials. And don’t worry – stationary can be made for anytime of the year!

Speak to us online or give us a call on 03 9939 4796 and we can brainstorm the best way to personalise your pens and paper today!

Also have a look below at some more images of Emilly’s work!