Laser Cutting on Stem Cell Fracture Repair

Laser cutting is such a versatile tool in creating different projects. Most of our clients use laser cutters for fashion, logo, signage, architecture design models, and stencils. We had this one amazing client who’s making a significant study on accelerating cellular regeneration of bones that needed the precision of laser cutters to make this life saving device.

Christian Daish, a Research Assistant at St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne and studies Biomedical Engineering at RMIT University (second year of PhD). His PhD is based on accelerating fracture repair using electromagnetic fields. He is developing a wearable device based on optimal repair parameters.

Laser Cutting

We asked him why he needed a laser cutter for his PhD and Daish said, “I am doing my PhD on fracture repair. Using a pulsed electromagnetic field to transform stem cells into bone. I required the cut outs in order to construct the bobbins or coil holders and the figure I sent is of the coils in an incubator with stem cells inside.”

We hope his study will be a huge success. There are millions of lives that will change because of this medical advancement. Here at Melbourne Laser Cutter, we wish you all the best!