Laser Cutting Logo

Laser cutting logo for businesses, events, and signs are the most common use of a laser cutter. We have had several clients sought our services for this purpose. Why do they prefer laser cutting? They prefer it because of the precise and accuracy of the end result. Additionally, it is also efficient and cost-effective compared to the conventional manual process of creating logos.

Jason Moylan of sought our services of this logo.

laser cutting logo and stencil


We offer online laser cutting services to both small/large businesses, individuals, students, and designers. The types of clients we have worked with in the past include architects, fashion designers, cafe owners, artisans, small business owners, students, charities, design firms and many more. We service and deliver Australia wide including Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold coast, Adelaide, Darwin, and Perth.

We are able to cut and engrave the following materials (nonmetals only): Fabric, paper, acrylic, veneers, bamboo, a variation of cardboard, plywood and a variation of other non-metals. We no longer cut leather and MDF due to its toxicity when cutting. You are welcome to supply your own materials or you can see a list of our materials online here.

The types of projects that we have worked on are invitations, Signage, Stencils, Embellishments for fashion designers, garments,  business cards, Jewellery for designers and more.