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If you are looking for laser cutting Brisbane services that meets your standards, your search is over at Melbourne Laser Cutter. We’re pleased to announce that we are one of the leading laser cutting service provider throughout Australia and our experience  in this field has helped us to come up with some of the most professional cutting techniques and tools.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions for Laser Cutting Brisbane:

Can I supply my own materials? 

Yes you are welcome to supply your own materials. The material will need to fit in our laser cutting bed which is 600 x 900mm. We can cut cardboard, foam core, acrylic, laminates, ply, bamboo and so forth. If you’re not sure if we can cut your material please ask us and we can let you know. You can also use laser cutting Brisbane materials. You can send in a small sample (A5 would suffice) and we can do a circle test to show you how it cuts.

What type of files should I provide for laser cutting?

Laser cutting Australia requires Adobe illustrator for all our laser cutting projects. In some instances DXF works but we do recommend Adobe illustrator as a preference. We use CS5. Please read our information pack for more information about setting up files correctly.

Does your laser cutting leave burn marks?

It completely depends on the type of material you are cutting. We test all our materials to use the best temperature and speed in order to reduce marks. However it really depends what the materials are made off, as to how they react. The burn marks will usually be on the underside of the material and if on ply, you can usually gently sand it off. If using paper, we recommend using a pearl stock as it let’s you rub it off gently. Please ask if you are concerned and we can give you the best advice.

Can I get a refund if I’m not happy with your laser cutting? 

As laser cutting is an experimental process we don’t offer refunds as there are many different elements in play. We will do our best to recommend any issues that may occur and each project is considered on a case by case basis. Please read about our terms and conditions further here.

If I am doing an architecture model should I number my pieces so I can identify them?

You can do this but we will also tape up your project. So the sheets will stay in tact for you and make it easier for creating your model. If you have any special requirements please let us know.

If I want to laser cut fabric, do I just drop off the roll of fabric? 

Please provide all materials to 600 x 900mm in size to be laid in the bed. We can cut this down for you to size but there will be an additional processing fee.

Do you cut metal, glass or leather?  

No we don’t unfortunately. This process would take a different machine to complete, so we aren’t able to complete this for you.

What size is your bed and how thick can you cut up too?

Our bed size is 600 x 900mm and we can cut up to 3mm in thickness. If you are looking at cutting something thicker, we suggest cutting layers and glueing them together. Otherwise you might like to consider getting a CNC router to do your job.

What materials do you stock and are they all in stock?  

Please have a look at our available materials here. We keep small quantities of most materials but for larger orders we may need to order in extra. Please note for acrylic orders we do order these in as required. We stock 300 x 600mm x 3mm clear acrylic on hand but all other orders may take 2-3 days to arrive.

How long does it take to complete my project?    

Please allow 5 working days to complete your job from once we receive confirmation of payment / receive your artwork and materials if required. We do also offer an express option which is a 24hour express for an additional $50 for small orders, please check with us if it is available.

Can you give me pricing over the phone?

We do require to see your design in order to give you an accurate quote. You can read up on our pricing here and we do recommend that you fill out an online enquiry form to receive a quote.

Do you work on weekends? 

We are open 9-5pm Monday to Friday. In very rare cases we might work late into the night or on weekends but this will incur an additional fee.

You don’t see your questions on the list? Enquire within.


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