Once Bitter’s Wooden Decals

Wooden decals are specially prepared wood bearing a picture or design for transfer to a surface into wood, acrylic, paper, etc. We worked on a wooden decal designed by Liora Cher, and logo design by Peter Horridge. These are laser cut with precision and the slight laser burns adds a rustic appeal to the end product.

Once Bitter, Melbourne born beer crafted for a more Curious day & Captivating night Explore your city. Once Bitter is a crafted beer. It is a movement away from the structures of corporate life, a celebration of the spontaneous and a gentle nod to adventure. This wooden decal designed for bar taps intends to demonstrate this raw and unique approach.

Once you move past the conservative and comfortable you might find a more curious Melbourne.  No preservatives. No additives. Once Bitter. Crafted Better.

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