Laser Cut Wood Art

We found this very interesting laser cut wood art by John Edmark. He is an instructor for Stanford’s Department of Art and Art History and currently lectures for the design program. Some of his classes include product design, design fundamentals, paper as a sculptural medium, and animation.

We found this interesting piece of art from Super tech Youtube channel.

John’s art and design pursuits range from nature-inspired cellular and kinetic works to products for storage, kitchen, and creative play.  He teaches classes in design fundamentals, product design, stop-motion animation, and colour theory. Previous to focusing on design, he spent a number of years researching virtual environments at Bell Laboratories. He holds ten U.S. and foreign utility patents. He is an avid hyper-stereo photographer, and a decidedly novice Tuvan throat singer.

Another video from Pier 9 Workshop, that features Edmarks cool artwork.

His kinetic sculptures that rely on excruciatingly precise laser-cut wood and internal mechanisms to create optical illusions and other unexpected behaviors. Edmark describes these as “instruments that amplify our awareness of the sometimes tenuous relationship between facts and perception.”

It’s mesmerising to look at, isn’t it?

Interested on making something like this? I know it’s hard but you can learn from Edmark too.

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