Get creative and cool by custom making laser cut wood signs!

Laser cut wood signs are a unique way to decorate any store, home, event or function space. So basically anywhere! If you want to wow friends and family a wood sign is the way to go.

Here is a sign we recently cut from bamboo for The Last Piece Café. Take a look and read about the process after the pictures.

KeepCalmSign_tlp laser cut wood signs

For The Last Piece cafe we were able to design something a bit tongue-in-cheek but also pretty cool.

They wanted their signage to mimic the classic ‘Keep Calm & Carry On’ posters. Except of course they went with ‘Keep Calm and Please Wait To Be Seated’ as their slogan instead. What a clever idea for any busy restaurant! Alert your customers to keep their cool while they wait for a table. Brilliant!

We helped cut and engrave their signage by using bamboo wood. Lighter tones of bamboo are great for text because we can make the message darker. This ends up making the sign look super effective and seems quite subtle to the the untrained eye. That’s the process we used for this signage because the quote was so important to the overall finished look. The lovely folks at The Last Piece loved the result so we think the bamboo definitely worked its magic.

Signage can be great for any occasion. If you’ve got a big birthday, important work function or just a special event consider creating some custom signs for the night. Plus laser cut wood signs in particular could be a keepsake item for you long after the big day is done. Or a personalised sign would also male a cute present for a friend! We can customise signage no matter what your occasion is.

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