Laser Cut Stencil Logo

Laser cut stencil logo is a thin sheet of cardboard or plastic which has a pattern or letters cut out of it. This is then used to produce the cut design on the surface below by the application of ink or paint through the holes. They are often used for painting on walls, pavements, or any surface you want to print a design, pattern, or letters cut out from a stencil.

We created the stencil for the Limestone Coast Pantry logo used on their counters.

Laser Cut Stencil logo

Limestone Coast Pantry sits in the heart of the Limestone Coast, Mount Gambier. Paying homage to the locale and the fruitful soils that allow produce to be grown in the area. The graphic shows the layers of limestone within the soil, morphing into the waters of the coastline.

The brandmark is the hero. The brandmark is strong and becomes an instant icon for the area, combining Lyn’s (Owner, founder & cook) vision for her fine cooking to become a place for all of Mount Gambier to share and be apart of.

Organic & locally sourced produce is shared with environmentally friendly printed material. The signage is hand-crafted from local refurbished metal, sitting high on the front exterior, on the backdrop of limestone.

Here at Melbourne Laser Cutter, we make stencils with precision. We use laser cutting technology on whatever designs you want for your stencils. For more information, you may enquire within.