You can do any laser cut stencil designs! All we need is your creative mind.

Laser cutters can provide high precision cuts on wood, acrylic, plastic, and fabric.  It can produce both functional and beautiful items. Their versatility allows anyone with access to one to quickly go into production with his or her designs. We are featuring some of our satisfied clients together with their laser cut designs. We have signage, bamboo stands, laser cut stencil designs, adorable letterboxes, and later cut wood designs over the next few blogs.

Emily O’Neill of Hot Black, an interior design consultant, entrusted us her project: Stencil Laser Cut Design.

“I was working on Mabel Jones Cafe‘s flooring featuring their logo using the laser cut stencil. The branding and interiors was designed to reflect the location and she thought it would be great to introduce a few wind-swept leaves from the outdoors in with the stencil effect” – Emily O’ Neil.

Please enquire within to make your own laser cut stencil.