We help design a lot of cool laser cut projects but never anything this jurassic!

We recently worked with the company Make-do to create a cardstock prototype for this T-Rex Dinosaur.

Parents if you’re looking for creative activities for your kids then check our Make-do! On their website you’ll find different kits and guides for your kids or you to build. While great for young ones, their guides are good for all-ages from budding designers to high-school classrooms. They aim to provide people with tools that will help them design, build and play with innovation and imagination.

Prototyping is particularly useful in the initial development stages of a product.  It means you can ensure all pieces fit together correctly before making your item available to the public.

Here are some more images of the final product which is now available to purchase online!


As you can see above the process of prototyping involves a lot of love and time. Cardstock and cardboard is a great durable material but it does require care to make sure everything fits. Lucky for us, we love being able to you and your business with your laser cut projects and ideas. No matter how big or pre-historic!

If you’re after some love and care with bringing your idea to reality we can help. We offer a range of services and can laser cut projects for business, events, decor and more.

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