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Laser cut ornaments are unique and durable decors one can keep. An ornament is something used for decoration. It is a decorative element in architecture and the decorative arts. Ornaments can also be Christmas ornament, a decoration used to festoon a Christmas tree; Hood ornament, a decoration on the hood of an automobile; Garden ornament, a decoration in a garden, landscape, or park; Lawn ornament, a decoration in a grassy area; Peak ornament, a decoration under the peak of the eaves of a gabled building; Ornamental plant, a decorative plant; Ornament (music), a flourish that serves to decorate music; Biological ornament, a biological structure that appears to serve only a decorative purpose; Bronze and brass ornamental work; Ornaments Rubric, a prayer of the Church of England; or Ornament (football), the football team from Hong Kong.

Mostly, when we talk about ornaments we relate them to Christmas ornament. Here are some amazing and intricate Christmas ornaments.

Here is also some awesome laser cut architectural ornaments:

With the laser cutter, any possibilities are within the limits of your creative mind! Interested to customise your own ornaments?

We offer online laser cutting services to both small/large businesses, individuals, students and designers. The types of clients we have worked with in the past include architects, fashion designers, cafe owners, artisans, small business owners, students, charities, design firms and many more. We service and deliver Australia wide including Hobart, Brisbane, Sydney, Gold coast, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth.

We are able to cut and engrave the following materials (non metals only): Fabric, paper, acrylic, veneers, bamboo, variation of cardboards, plywood and a variation of other non-metals. We no longer cut leather and MDF due to it’s toxicity when cutting. you are welcome to supply your own materials or you can see a list of our materials online here.


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