Want to shred with unique decks? Try laser cut engraving for custom designs.

How awesome is this?

We recently worked with client Chloe to customise this wooden skateboard. Chloe provided us with the turtle image which we then we then created the design. Then the fun began and we engraved the tiny turtle onto this now gnarly board. Take a look!



To skate with a completely customised and personally designed board would be such a cool thing to do! It’d also make a great gift for the skater in your life.

You could personalise any wooden item with a funky design. Engraving a much-loved illustration would onto immediately make it personal and one-of-a-kind. Woodwork like clocks, signs, art or homeware could be printed with your personal touches. The contrast between light wood and the dark ink also looks really effective and striking. Friends and family may be a little envious of just how breathtaking your bamboo product may be. But it’s a definite win for any one who prides themselves on being a trend-setter!

Want your own wood wonder but not sure how? Take a look through what we love on our Pinterest here. We offer a whole range of services and can laser cut illustrations onto a variety of materials.

Get in touch to create your own version of an engraved projects like this! Just make sure it’s personal and unique. Don’t be afraid to give us a call either on 03 9939 4796 to find out more. We’d love to help bring your design ideas to real life with our laser cutting operations.