Get green with this leafy art installation that we laser cut cardboard for!

We worked with client Mark from MAAM to laser cut cardboard and create leaves for an installation at Eastland Shopping Centre, Melbourne.

Being Spring Carnival season we definitely had to bring in colour! We cut the leaves using bright green cardboard. The installation had a fun wildlife theme that we matched perfectly. The green definitely made an impact and well accompanied the variety of fashion outfits on display. Take a look at some images of the final display and be wowed with bright and bold colour!

Try strong visual merchandising for an unforgettable customer experience! This installation used a funky colour scheme and the result was awesome. Courageous designs though are just one way to make it work. Reflect your brand identity through colour and design and consumers will take notice.

Laser cutting cardboard may be an easy task but the result is effective and awesome. Working with a material like cardboard is great for many different projects. It can be great if you have a simple idea that needs to be immaculately executed.  Or even be beneficial when you have a design with intricate details that needs a strong material.

Talk to us today here if you have a laser cutting project of your own. We can help your take your designs to the next level. Or call us on 03 9939 4796.





Images by Ross Calia.