Laser Cut Car Designs

A laser cutters is so amazing that it can make a laser cut car! A full-size origami inspired Lexus IS Saloon, the World’s first origami car, as it is unveiled at Toyota’s Headquarters in Surrey.  Lexus has created a whole new kind of soft-top car – made out of cardboard.

And, incredibly, the world’s first ‘Origami Car’ is drivable.

Designers and modellers cut the cardboard to create a 3D effect.

The car, which took three months to construct, is powered by an electric motor and has fully functional headlights, doors and wheels, meaning it’s drivable!

Lexus partnered with UK design firms LaserCut Works and Scales and Models to create a cardboard vehicle.

Laser Cut Car

It is the result of a partnership between design and model companies LaserCut Works and Scales and Models with assistance from cardboard manufacturer, DS Smith.

The team was given a digital 3D model of the IS, which was split up into a series of principal parts, including the body, dashboard, seats and wheels.

Laser Cut Car

Using the model to create a profile of the car, they laser cut 1,700 sheets of 10mm-thick cardboard which were then glued together and left to dry after each application.

Laser Cut Car

Can you imagine how eco-friendly this car is? Apparently, this one is not for sale. It will be interesting to ride one.

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