We’re famous! Well our laser cutting and business signs are anyway…

When we helped Indie Lane with their signage we didn’t think it would make the papers!

Check out this snippet of the Pyrenees Advocate below where they talk about the beauty that is wedding photography business Indie Lane. Donna Nugent created Indie Lane after a life of loving photography and working in and out of studios. Donna then decided to launch her own business to bring her personal passions and perspectives of the industry.  Indie Lane aims to makes sure that your wedding looks as beautiful digitally as it did in real life!

While we love seeing our friends and clients be profiled,  it’s even more special that front and centre of the image is our signage! We’re super excited to have our laser cutting shine in the bright lights – and yes, even the local newspapers count!


The sign we made for Indie Lane was engraved onto a light bamboo. Engraving your message onto wood is a super effective way for a subtle sophistication. This sign in particular is quirky and cool without being too in your face.

It goes to show that business signs and stationary don’t have to be boring! With our laser cutting services you can make your signage stand out from the crowd – and maybe even make the news? Have a look at some other business stationary we’ve laser cut and engraved here or check out our Pinterest page for inspiration.

Talk to us today for more info on how we can make your business signs press worthy! Or give us a call on 03 9939 4796!