Nothing cuter than a laser cut bamboo goat!

Who doesn’t love laser cutting bamboo with barnyard animals? We were lucky enough to help Oxfam by laser cutting baby goats to attach to their pamphlets.

We laser cut bamboo to make these barnyard beauties.  We used a 2.5mm dark bamboo and kept the details quite simple for a rustic effect. The printing was done by our friends at The Distillery! Check them out for awesome printing services.

We thought we’d share some images of the final product and process. Take a look at our work for Oxfam below!

Want your business to be remembered but not sure how? Take a cue from Oxfam and consider the packaging. Business stationery comes in all forms like your signage, cards, paper stock and pamphlets. One thing is for sure though, it doesn’t all have to be boring and bland! Try get creative by laser cutting or getting wood engraved for that extra factor. These bamboo goats for Oxfam aren’t the most detailed or elaborately designed but they get the message across about Oxfam’s concern for animals and welfare.

Give us a call today on 03 9939 4796 or contact us online. We offer a range of services to brighten up and beautify your business stationery. Brainstorm your ideas today and we can hopefully help make those visions a reality.