We’d love to share your laser cutting journey


We love seeing finished projects that we have helped to make and below is a great example of some laser cutting we did in Perth. It might be for a university project, fashion parade, presents for family, event styling, new product launch, signage for your business and so forth.

If you have had a project made with us, please email media@lydra.com.au with information about your project and some images. We will endeavour to feature your work on our website and in return we ask that you share your featured story on your social media network and amongst friends. It’s a fantastic way to share your project with our audience.

Below are some examples of featured work by clients and you can see more on our blog.

Laser cutting for a Christmas in July with friends and family for a client from Brisbane- Click here to see feature

Laser Cut Necklaces Laser cutting offers the kind of precision that you'd get if a design was done by hand, [...]

Spray paint + an acrylic logo stencil = great design! We created an acrylic logo stencil for up and coming [...]

We recently did some laser cutting work for architect Gabriella from Baldasso Cortese. Here are some pics of the finished product! [...]