April 10



Zhou Zhou is a new oriental late night bar opened above Oriental Teahouse at 455 Chapel Street, South Yarra. If the extensive range of over 50 Asian beers and lagers isn’t enough to entice you, why not try a Japanese Bloody Mary with Sake instead of traditional Vodka and a hint of wasabi and chilli – Yum!

We were lucky enough to work with interior design expert Hecker Guthrie to create fabric printed oriental banners for the interior of the bar. “Essentially we wanted to create a Asian beer experience. The interior has a slight vintage sensibility with dark rustic timbers and flooring,”says Guthrie. The banners are covering windows around the bar and complete a truly contemporary oriental atmosphere.

Zhou Zhou will be the place to rejuvenate shopped out feet, enjoy a pre or post movie nibble, stop over before putting on your dancing shoes or simply be a place to slip off the Louboutins and take a slow boat to China.

We enjoyed working with everyone at Zhou Zhou and are thrilled to be involved in such an exciting new Melbourne hot spot.

Photo credits: Shannon McGrath

HG Zhou Zhou


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