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Below are some images of our favourite laser cut jewellery designs! Laser cut jewellery is modern, elegant and sharp, suitable for those interested in making a unique and beautiful statement. These images are taken from three websites specialising in crafting laser cut jewellery. The images are colourful, intricate and fashion-forward.

This collection of images is taken from the American laser cut jewellery website-Molly M Designs. The designs are intricate, yet modern.

These designs are simple, yet intricately cut- a technique characteristic of laser cutting.

Laser cut jewellery is clean cut and designs can be transformed to suit most looks.

These images are taken from the Australian Blog Site Made By White. Made by White is a laser cut jewellery company. Their designs are colourful and fresh, yet are versatile to suit most tastes.

The designs are fashion forward and quirky. Ideal for those interested in colour and clean-cut style.

The jewellery is bold but simple enough to be worn with any style

The necklaces can be layered and the options are endless for styling laser cut jewellery!

These images are taken from the Sydney based laser cut jewellery company- Little Red Lantern. This collection is focused on alpahbet letters created in wood, creating a unique statement.

From an intricate alpahbet necklace, to a single letter necklace. These designs are versatile!


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