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We recently worked with Cristian and the team at Emunah Photo & Video Emporium who helped film and create a video about Lydra Group. We were thrilled to ask Cristian a few questions about his passion and vision for film making and Emunah.

1. Firstly, what is your favourite movie, short film or video and why?

There are so many good movies that it is always hard to choose just one! There are many directors whose work has amazed me, for example I love Hitchcock’s style, Vertigo or The Birds are movies I can easily enjoy over and over and it is not hard to remember what they made me feel the first time I saw them. In the past years there have been 2 movies that have really impressed me, one is Gus Van Sant’s “Paranoid Park”, an amazing film that allows you to feel the guilt and anxiety of the main character through a cinematic experience and the other one is “Tetro”, by Francis Ford Coppola. This is an absolutely brilliant film which is treated with such delicate and accurate cinematography. It just grabs you and does not let you go. Vicent Gallo’s performance is amazing too.

2. Where did your passion for videography first begin?

I have always been interested in photography and music and combining both through videography felt like something natural to me. I love music videos and the 90’s scene was an inspiration to decide that that was something I wanted to do.

3. Who is your inspiration in the industry? 

I think that nowadays there are so many people creating videos and audiovisual content that it is really hard to mention just one. You can find inspiration in a YouTube or Vimeo video, through a tutorial or a short movie. I love documentaries, especially low budget ones and if I had to mention someone’s name in that sense it would be Patricio Guzman, he is a chilean director, well know for his work. “Nostalgia for the light” was a documentary that impressed me because of its rhythm and intensity.

4. Did you start of doing videography or have you had a few different career opportunities before this one?

After I finished school I did psychology for a semester, but there was something missing. I then decided to study filmmaking and later on fully fell in love with the whole process involved in the creation of any kind of audiovisual piece.

 5. How many people are in your team and what do you like about working with them? 

Emunah Photo & Video Emporium is a company I started with my wife. She is a photographer so she does most of the photo shoots and I do everything related to video. At the moment it is just the 2 of us. We assist each other depending on what kind of project we are working on and so far it has been the best professional experience I have ever had! We know our roles and that makes it easy to worktogether.

6. Where do you see Emunah going in the future, what are your goals and passion?

Our main goal as Emunah Photo & Video Emporium is to continue creating digital content through photography and video. There is nothing more satisfying than doing what you love, and this is what we love! We are an emporium, and that gives us the freedom to take over very different kinds of projects, it can be a corporate video, a fashion photo shoot or a birthday celebration. We enjoy what we do and we put that seal in every single project we work on. In the future we want to continue growing through our work. Our tag line is “Your Ideas Through Our Lens”, and we want our customers to know that they can come to us with the freedom of knowing that they will get exactly what they want through our services.

Check out the amazing job they did on out video here: Lydra Group – This is Our Story


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