How pretty is this work from Melbourne paper designers Ellen Sorenson?

Ellen Sorensen is a artist, singer, and creative based in Melbourne.

Her portfolio involves stunning paper cut artworks which are both intricate, intriguing and marvellous.  She expresses her story telling vision through visual narratives made out of paper shaped with small knives and tools. As a paper designer Ellen is definitely one to watch out for.

Check out some images from her amazing work below.

Across The Ditch - paper designer Ellen Sorenson


Ellen’s designs tell beautifully crafted stories only with paper. This video, titled ‘Let The Light In’ shows that process more in-depthly. Ellen’s work is intricate and unique and this video is very inspiring!

Artistic talents like Ellen make us feel so inspired. Not only is her work as a paper designer beautiful, Ellen also plays music. Her talents are endless!

We would love to be able to replicate Ellen’s work one day!  Although right now we are not too sure if our skill set is at her level. Overall though we love seeing what other laser cutting designers make and create.  It gives us plenty of ideas for our own services. It also is just really awesome to watch laser cutting’s rise in popularity. If more designers would use laser cutting the world would be a better place.

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