Make your home unique by printing on digital fabrics!

There’s no better way to make a house feel like a home than artwork. And what better artwork than your own or by someone you love? Have a look below at this brilliant idea to get an individual piece of furniture in your home.
Our client Rachel asked us to print these digital fabrics onto these upholstered chairs. Already the DIY creative juices are flowing! Next step for Rachel was to assemble these chairs herself! Awesome!


digital fabrics printed

digital fabrics printed



We think the end result turned out amazing. A bright and bold colour scheme is the best way to brighten up an otherwise dull room. Rachel now has a set of new chairs for her home made from upholstered materials and digital printing!

This is a great creative way to show your style throughout your home. Digitally printing your images onto fabrics and furniture is the best way to ensure your home is unlike any other. Make your house guests envious by having conversation pieces in every room. It’s the kind of furniture that your friends can’t go buy!

Customised furniture would also make a wonderful gift for your most artsy friend or family member.  They’d love the uniqueness of a digitally printed piece and the fact that they would be the only ones in the world with one.

Want your own digitally printed masterpiece in your home? With our services we can get your prints onto a range of items like bedspreads to canvases and many more cool pieces. Have a chat to us today about your design or call us on 03 9939 4796 for more info.