Custom Stencils for The Mill House Melbourne

Custom stencils is a thin sheet of cardboard or plastic which has a pattern or letters cut out of it. This is then used to spray paint or paint the stencil onto a surface below. They are often used for painting on walls, pavements, or any surface you want to print a design, pattern, or letters cut out from a stencil. Who could have thought that these stencils can also be used on cocktail drinks?

From the delicious tasting cocktail drinks you see and taste in The Mill House, they added this clever garnish to add colour and a zing of natural taste of fruits.

Custom Stencils


Emma Wright, the assistant manager, added “Basically I wanted to add a new dimension to some cocktails and was bored with some of the more commonly used garnishes, so I ordered some fruit powders from Nutradry (Plum & Passionfruit) to add colour and an amazing natural taste, and had the stencils made to suit the name of each cocktail – The Gold Digger & The Cherry Bomb – Most cocktails I create are named after different songs / bands.”

The Mill House has great food, amazing cocktails and dancing in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD. 2 for 1 cocktails every Thursday! You can find the pub at 277–279 Flinders Lane Melbourne, Victoria.

Custom Stencils

Custom Stencils

If you’re heading to the CBD, you should treat yourself to a few of these pieces of art. They taste good and  the tantalising fruit will definitely please.

Do you have any great ideas for custom stencil? Please enquire within.