Custom Laser Cut Stencils for Signages

Melbourne Laser Cutter has been working with different clients in a variety of different projects. Custom laser cut stencils for signage are one of the most common projects we work for our customers. Laser cutting provides flawless results when making custom stencils. We made a custom laser cut stencil for the signage below. Here is how it all started with Partners in Crime Coffee Co.

Partners in Crime Coffee Co – “For the love of each other and all things coffee”

It was one a sweltering car trip home from Mildura that Partners in Crime Coffee Co was born. Close friends of ours had just been married in the country and we had (among other things) discovered an incredible coffee shop during our trip. After an amazing weekend, I felt inspired and I felt loved up – the most dangerous of combinations. I looked at Mark and said “after ten years in this industry of late nights and long hours and countless tears and too many hot chips – I feel like I’m the Bonnie to your Clyde. Your Partner in Crime. Let’s do this. Let’s make coffee and talk shit. Let’s start a business of our own.” 
And so we did. 

For over a decade we have worked in the hospitality industry together.  We have shared late nights, countless lunch breaks, so many customers that we could only laugh at how insanely busy we were, the exhaustion of long hours and the frustration of only getting a chance to sip at our coffee once it had gone stone cold.

But through it all, we have always had each other to provide a shoulder to cry on and someone to share a cake with……. and of course……. Lots and lots of coffee.

We are truly partners in crime.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us Partners in Crime Coffee Co. We are glad we are part of your story too.

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