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27 December 2014

Laser Cutting Bamboo for Engraved Skull

Engraving and laser cutting bamboo makes any skull special! Wood and bamboo are great resources to personalise with your own […]

22 December 2014

Check out these laser cut bamboo goats for Oxfam!

Nothing cuter than a laser cut bamboo goat! Who doesn't love laser cutting bamboo with barnyard animals? We were lucky [...]

22 December 2014

Laser Cut Engraving for Custom Designed Skateboard

Want to shred with unique decks? Try laser cut engraving for custom designs. How awesome is this? We recently worked with [...]

1 December 2014

Create Your Own Laser Cut and Personal Engraved Signage

Intrigue your friends with exciting engraved signage! Laser cutting and engraving signs are creative ways to publicise and personalise! You [...]