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3 August 2017

Laser Cut Pendants: Fashion, Accessories and Outfit Ideas

Laser Cut Pendants Laser cut pendants are a very popular item. With the use of a laser cutter it's easy [...]

1 August 2017

Laser Cut Necklaces: Fashion, Accessories and Outfit Ideas

Laser Cut Necklaces Laser cutting offers the kind of precision that you'd get if a design was done by hand, [...]

4 April 2017

Laser Cut Earrings: Born from a Desire to create and Make a Difference

Laser Cut Earrings by Oh Izhe Laser cut earrings are becoming more and more popular in the jewellery industry. Issy Hutton of [...]

15 April 2015

Try Laser Cutting Wood To Make Cool and Quirky Jewellery!

We've been laser cutting wood to make these unique necklaces! With our laser cutting wood services,  we helped Melbourne designer [...]