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5 November 2014

Unique Wedding Stationery Idea – Try a DIY Photo Booth

Make your big day beautiful with unique wedding stationery! Who doesn't love a good old-fashioned Photo Booth? We now have [...]

3 November 2014

Ellen Sorensen is our Paper Designer Inspiration!

How pretty is this work from Melbourne paper designers Ellen Sorenson? Ellen Sorensen is a artist, singer, and creative based [...]

31 October 2014

Laser Cut Tags for Fashion Garment Pieces.

Get trendy with laser cut tags! Here is some laser cutting work we recently did for fashion student Stephanie Large. In [...]

27 October 2014

Laser Cut Stencil for Community Social Media Campaign.

Snap a pic of this laser cut stencil if you see it out! Check out this laser cut stencil we [...]