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Feeling the budget pinch? savings tight? forget financial stress on your wedding day, here are some great tips which will ensure you do not spoil your day or your wallet. Courtesy of websites- The Knot: Australia’s Wedding Destination and The Wedding Lens

1. Reception Venue- The Knot: Australia’s Wedding Destination

  • Why not schedule your wedding on a night other than saturday night. Saturday night is considered the most popular wedding night and a time which businesses  make the most of.
  • Why not hold your wedding in an obvious location? save money and hold a BBQ in a park, or even your backyard, do you have a friend who owns a venue?. That way you do not need to focus on hiring costs and you cut the stress of finding a venue.

2. Transport ideas- The Knot: Australia’s Wedding Destination

  • Take advantage of a friend’s or a family member’s ride. This saves on costs and also the worries of finding appropriate vehicles and drivers. It also means you have the freedom of customising the vehicles!

3. Wedding rings- The Wedding Lens

  • Consider getting gold bands which have no detail and are plain.
  • Consider semi-precious stones instead of diamonds.
  • Opt for titanium instead of gold or white gold as it is stronger and ideal for those who engage in sports regularly.
  • Purchase a cheap ring, save, then upgrade to a more expensive ring to be given at a memorable wedding anniversary.

4. Floral arrangements- The Knot: Australia’s Wedding Destination

  • Create your own flower arrangements and source them from local flower markets. Source a friend to save time.

5. Food- The Knot: Australia’s Wedding Destination

  • A wedding dinner can be very expensive so why not consider a lunch, brunch or canapés party.
  • Consider baking your own wedding cake or having a trusted friend of family member create one for you.
  • Design your own menu and plan a budget.
  • Serve dinner in a buffet and showcase individual meals people have created.

6. The dress- The Wedding Lens

  • Create your own or ask whether a family member or friend are able to create it if they have knowledge and experience with design.
  • Look at most places for a wedding gown, not just a specialist store. Try op-shops, vintage stores, department stores.
  • Purchase accessories at other outlets, not where you purchase your dress.
  • Opt for a sample dress at bridal boutiques as they are cheaper.

7. Music- The Knot: Australia’s Wedding Destination

  • Source a DJ- they are less expensive than finding a local band.
  • Create your own playlist to be played.


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