Ideal Materials You Can Laser Cut

You can laser cut almost anything. Laser is a powerful tool used in many different industries. We want to give you an idea of what are the best materials to be used when laser cutting. We can cut wood and other basic materials for you to use for your projects. You are also welcome to provide your own materials providing they fit within 600 x 900mm and we are able to cut them.

Here are the ideal materials for laser cutting:


Buffalo stock

Carbonised bamboo ply

Acrylic- Cast colours

Acrylic- Cast colours- Brown, elephant grey, hot pink, mint green.

Assortment of paper stock- Pearl paper and matt

Acrylic- Fluro colours- Yellow, green and pink

Italian Poplar

Natural bamboo ply 

Please note-

– The bed size is 600 x 900 mm, so you are able to supply materials up to this size.

– Please note bamboo leaves slight marks on underside when laser cut, can be sanded by client.

– Materials that can be laser cut are vast and include an array of non-metals such as organic fabric, 2mm boxboard, 3mm acrylic, 3mm wood, 3mm plywood and a variation of other non-metals.

Now, you know what are the best materials to be used. We hope this information helps on your project. For more details, enquire within.