Call us the Fresh Prince of acrylic signs with our laser cutting for Belair!

Belair the Label is an emerging Melbourne based fashion brand who asked us to work with them in creating their shop sign!

Justine of Belair the Label was so much fun to work with and personifies the brand with her coolness.

For Belair, we laser cut acrylic materials to create their signage in a vibrant hot pink so they can’t go unnoticed. The Belair brand is all about colour and quirky vintage-pieces so of course their signage had to match. We were inspired by the fun, funky and fresh to create these bursts of Belair and are absolutely in love with the result.

To see more of Justine and her stunning collection have a like of Belair the Label on Facebook HERE – we sure do!

Interested in getting your own business signage? We aim to laser cut and design your business stationery with your brand in mind. If you’re loud and bold like Belair we’re going to make sure you have a bright sign to match! Or if you’re after something a bit more quiet we can definitely make that happen. We can use a variety of materials from acrylics to wood and bamboo to get your look right.

Have a chat with us today about what we can design for you by calling 03 9939 4796. Or you can contact us on our website.