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Through a combination of burning and cutting of wood ,these necklaces designed by Melbourne artist Amy Killen have been created though the use of a laser cutting machine. Fine details can be seen on her pieces and the process of laser cutting allows these pieces to be brought to life.

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So Little Time Co’s laser cut wooden jewellery incorporates splashes of colour through its hand painted pieces. Melbourne artist Kirsty Eckard’s collection of earrings and necklaces are fantastic examples of the final results that can be achieved thorough laser cutting.

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These gorgeous hot air balloon necklaces created by Stephanie Mangos of Canberra, highlight the versatility of wood as a medium for jewellery design. Through both cutting and bringing the wood intricate shapes and line work create eye catching statement jewellery.

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Maja Rose and Tess Lloyd use the technique of laser cutting to bring their jewellery designs to life. Reflecting Australian flora and animals in their artwork this uniquely Australian jewellery is breathtakingly beautiful.

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The wooden necklace designs by Simone, in Sydney showcase the fine detail that can be achieved thought designing jewellery on a laser cutter. Areas of wood are burnt out resulting in a final product which is unique and unachievable through any other method of jewellery design.

Click here to link to her website.

Got a jewellery idea in your head and want to bring it to life? Contact us at Melbourne Laser Cutter and we will be more than happy to help you in your creative quest.


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