Spray paint + an acrylic logo stencil = great design!

We created an acrylic logo stencil for up and coming wine company Express Winemakers. Based in Western Australia, Express Winemakers have a passion to create wines that are full of life and speak of time and place.

We collaborated with Josh from Beetle Creative, one of our favourite graphic design companies in Melbourne. They make their wine labels and we helped to create the stencil. The design was then used to help print onto their packaging. That’s the process in creating such a unique logo!

Stencilling seems super easy but that doesn’t mean it is. Achieving the perfect stencil can sometimes be a bit tricky. When properly executed however it looks amazing! We’re pretty proud of the result of our acrylic logo stencilling experiment here. Express Winemakers were also pleased so that’s a sign of a job well done.

The packaging of your brand’s products is so important. Don’t stress too much about the corporate or professional appeal but consider what your customers will love. Express Winemakers want people to enjoy life and their wine and their colourful and vibrant logo shows that. It ticks all the boxes of what they’re after for their product. So get creative with your business products! Nobody said business stationery simply had to be boring.

With our laser cutting services we can help create a range of products. From helping package your product to designing intricate details for folios or art, we do the works! Laser cutting is a brilliant way to bring out your creative designs and ideas.

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