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Welcome to the Melbourne Laser Cutter blog.

Here we will share various Information and Inspiration about laser cutting for you to view. You can view previous client projects, as well as outstanding projects from around the world. You can also search at the top for various materials or projects to see examples of what you had in mind.

19 September, 2017

Laser Cut Interior Designs – Contemporary Home Design

Laser Cut Interior Designs Laser cut interior designs are techniques for contemporary home designs. The efficiency of using a laser [...]

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12 September, 2017

Laser Engraved Laptops – Personalised Electronic Designs

Laser Engraved Laptops There is a growing trend for laser engraved laptops. Gone are the days that you just put [...]

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11 September, 2017

Laser cut Jewellery

Laser Cut Jewellery Examples The possibilities are endless with Laser Cut Jewellery and we are here to help you. We [...]

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5 September, 2017

Laser Cut Car Designs – Realistic All Cardboard Artwork by Lexus

Laser Cut Car Designs A laser cutters is so amazing that it can make a laser cut car! A full-size origami [...]

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29 August, 2017

Laser Engraved Artwork – Amazing, Realistic, Intricate design

Laser Engraved Artwork Laser engraved artwork is something to lookout for. You can transfer your photo or designs into wood. With [...]

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22 August, 2017

Laser Cut Notebook Cover – Intricate, Beautiful, and Amazing Designs

Laser Cut Notebook Cover Laser cut notebook cover is so fab! They make an ordinary notebook into an amazing work [...]

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