We’ve been laser cutting wood to make these unique necklaces!

With our laser cutting wood services,  we helped Melbourne designer Brooke Clarke bring her much-loved jewellery range designs to life! Brooke runs her own Etsy account ScribbleCo or Scribble Jewellery which features all sorts of unique and marvellous jewellery creations. Her store specialises mostly in necklaces and wooden creatures of all sorts. Lucky for us, she ships right here in Melbourne too!

We thought we would share some of the behind-the-scenes images of the laser cutting process – as well as showing off how cool Brooke’s designs are!

If you haven’t yet, go check out the ScribbleCo range and Brooke’s work. Her necklaces are an absolute standout. Plus everything makes us nostalgic for the 90s! There is jewellery for fans of everything from Daria to The Simpsons. 

We had so much fun laser cutting wood and engraving these ornaments with these weird and wonderful characters. They’d be excellent as a gift for any pop-culture fanatic and are a totally rad throwback to 90s TV.

We always love it when we are able to create unique pieces for clients and we have so much fun doing it. If you’d like to see more jewellery for some creative inspiration have a look here.

If you’d like our help laser cutting your pieces, get in touch today!