Laser cut fashion

Laser Cut fabric to stand out from the crowd

Laser cut fabric is a trend that is growing within the industry. It allows local manufactures to create unique designs in an efficient and cost effective way. Various patterns can be created and the fabric is required to be laser cut prior to assembly and sewing. Please see some examples below of clients that we have worked with recently and please enquire within for your quote today.

We laser cut this emerald green skirt designed by Myer Fashion On The Field winner Oscar Calvo.

laser cut fabric skirt

 Laser cutting fabric for Callum Croker from Wesley Collage.

laser cut fabric

 We laser cut plywood to make these necklaces for Lois Hazel

laser cut jewellery

Laser cut red wool for Natalie Kieleithner. Photography by Stevie van der Chys

laser cut fashion1

Laser cut dress from organza by Bec Waldmeyer

laser cut dress

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