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We at Melbourne Laser Cutter are designers and like to keep busy with many different projects. We don’t just laser cut. Below are some of our other projects that we work on and our affiliates:

Pins to Kill- Design your own leggings online.

Classic Wedding Invitations– We also do intricate detailed wedding invitations for your special day. You can either pick from the range online or send in an example of what you like and we will custom make it for you.

Digital Fabric Printer- Another service that we offer is Digital fabric printing to make it a one-stop shop for fashion designers and designers alike. You can make your own swimwear, leggings, t-shirts and so on. We also hire out our sewing machines.

Design your own cushions- A specialised website to create your own custom cushions.

Beetle Creative-  We have worked with Beetle Creative on conceptual ideas and branding. They provide an all-in-one solution for all your needs and have great attention to detail. We also collaborated with them in designing our wedding invites!

Lydra Group- Is the home of our creative services.


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