Engraving and laser cutting bamboo makes any skull special!

Wood and bamboo are great resources to personalise with your own designs. It’s so easy to get creative with wooden engravings and come up with something completely unique – like this skull design!

We engraved a sugar skull onto 1.5mm dark bamboo for one of our recent clients, Shane. Check it out below!

laser cutting bamboo for skull


The end result looks awesome! We think it captures a cool Day of The Dead theme with floral detailing and defined facial features. Laser cutting bamboo with illustrations is such an effective way to make images stand out. A design like above could be customised in any way for whatever the occasion, which is what makes it even more special. Shane’s wooden plaque is a one-of-a-kind piece that we’re so happy turned out brilliantly.

Wooden engravings can be used for a number of occasions. For Shane we created an artwork for the home but it could also work as a gift. Engraving and laser cutting a design or message onto wooden signage is also a great idea for weddings, VIP nights and special events to class up the occasion. Plus wooden boards and signs make great keepsakes later on! Have a look here for some woodwork creations we love. Don’t forget to give us a follow on Pinterest as well for more laser cutting creations!

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