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12 December 2017

Laser Cut Signage for Madeline’s 1st Birthday – Creative Laser Cutting

Laser Cut Signage Laser cut signage is unique backdrop in any event. Laser cutting and engraving signs are creative ways [...]

7 November 2017

Laser Cut Fashion: Spring Collection of 2017 by Gabriele Colangelo

Laser Cut Fashion Spring of 2017 Laser cut fashion is part of the spring collection of the likes of Gabriele Colangelo. [...]

2 November 2017

Cactus Ice cream Party – Indoor Plant Sale

Who loves Cactuses, Indoor Plants & Ice cream? Next Saturday 11th November we are combining all of your favourite things [...]

28 September 2017

Indoor Plant Warehouse Sale- The Jungle Collective

At Melbourne Laser Cutter we like to do a lot of different things and this is one of them! We [...]