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22 December 2016

Interior Design Ideas: Exceptional uses of Laser Cutters

One can tell a story through her Interior Design! Interior design is the art and science of enhancing the interiors, sometimes [...]

8 December 2016

Wood Engraving using Laser On this Elegant Bamboo Display

This Wood Engraving on the Bamboo Display Complements this work of Art for a Cause! Wood Engraving has been becoming [...]

2 December 2016

Laser Engraved Wood Designs for Display

Laser Engraved Wood Designs Laser Engraved wood is commonly used as signs, display stands, decorative materials, basically anything under the [...]

22 April 2015

Gorgeous Laser Cutting Wood Lamp Shade

Lampshade made with Laser Cutting Wood! How effective is this? We were laser cutting wood to make this lamp shade [...]